Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition

I was doing some file housekeeping, and I found the essay that won an award from the Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition, which I wrote in 1989 at 15 years old. The essay topic was to “write a short story in which a grandfather, a tree and a musical instrument are the main elements.” Let’s just […]

Editing With a Vengeance

What am I doing today? You got it – I am editing, editing, editing. So what have I learned during this round of editing? The use of the ‘comma’ – I definitely needed an extra pair of eyes for that one. I couldn’t believe how many times I either didn’t use a comma where I […]

Vampire Diaries CW TV – Episode 3

The start of this show needs to stop with the overly predictable “I’m gonna bite your face off Damon.” It’s getting old. We KNOW it’s a vampire show. But on the plus side, no fog!!! I’d give the whole episode a thumbs-up just on that fact alone. Love the football tryouts – vampires are about […]

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