Random Rant for the Week – Your versus You’re

People who use “your” when they mean “you’re” drive me absolutely batty. It’s simple grammar folks. The mix-up tends to happen because they are pronounced the same. YOUR = possessive pronoun typically used to indicate ownership – “that is your book.” YOU’RE = contraction of “you” and “are” – “you’re a good writer.” TIP – […]

True Blood….sigh….you’ve lost your bite

Two weeks with bated breath, all for nought. I admit that parts of it were interesting enough like when Maryann gets gored by her bull-god/Sam and then implodes into blackened remains. Cool effects there. EVR was still disappointing as the queen – but boy did I laugh at her saber-tooth vampire impersonation. For a season […]

Calling All Literary Agents

So here I am on Saturday, first day of “decision weekend drama.” I have a BIG decision to make, re: the best literary agent for me and my soon to be glorious writing career. Last night I couldn’t sleep, not really due to my decision-making stress, but more because I was thinking about karma and […]

Inspirational Authors

Someone recently asked about authors who inspired me. I guess that’s a fair question since it’s not really the same as a favorite book, which while enjoyable, may or may not have had any effect upon my own writing. I’ve included some of those authors/titles in an earlier post. Let’s see. I love Tolkien – […]

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