Vampire Diaries CW TV Show

Vampire Diaries, Episode 1, Pilot Air Date 9/10/09 Pros: 1) Dramatic start to the show. 2) Good looking cast. 3) Passable acting by two main characters. 4) Cool vamp face/makeup. Cons: 1) One word – fog. Hello? Very dated. We like contemporary vampires, especially for this type of hip vampire show. 2) Terrible acting from […]

Agent Offer Update – 6 Offers

I now have a total of six offers of representation from six top literary agencies! Oh happy day! Still, not an enviable position. It’s hard enough to choose between two really good agents, far less six. But hopefully this is a good sign that my novel has a good shot of success in today’s highly […]

Query Submission to Literary Agents

A couple notes before you submit:- 1) Submit to one literary agent at a time in a given agency (no matter how big, I learned this the hard way). If they pass on the query letter, then you can usually submit to another unless they specifically state that a “no” from one agent is a […]

Avatar Movie Hits December 18th 2009

The previews for Avatar look wicked. You can check it out on the official movie site or in HD at Apple Trailers. Is James Cameron going to bring his usual epic movie magic to the big screen? I hope so! Then again, I’m a movie-goer who enjoyed G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra (which didn’t […]

Jackie Kessler rocks!

This post is dedicated to the tireless Jackie Kessler who listens to me rant and rave, and allows me to pick her brains like a head-biting, brain-sucking zombie. No kidding. I can’t think of one time that Jackie has not helped me get some perspective or navigate this whole “find a literary agent” process. Not […]

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