James Cameron’s Avatar: The Bond – The Na’vi Neural Connection

A visitor to my blog sent me an email that the name of the neural connection between the Na’vi and their steeds (Direhorses or Mountain Banshees or in the case of Toruk Makto, the Leonopteryx) is called Tsahaylu so I thought I’d post an update in case anyone else wanted to know. In Na’vi language, […]

AVATAR: James Cameron’s Creatures of Pandora

Seeds of the Sacred Tree – very pure spirits, seeds of the sacred tree of Ewya. Central to the Na’vi’s spiritual beliefs. Ewya connects the entire biological ecosystem of Pandora. Great Leonopteryx (Toruk or last shadow) – similar to the Mountain Banshee although far larger and striped with red, yellow and black markings, with large […]

Toruk Makto Rises Again – AVATAR (take 2)

So I went to see Avatar again, and yes, totally in IMAX. Read my initial review here. I was not disappointed a second time. I did find myself wishing certain sequences would move more quickly so I could get to my the parts I loved, but overall, the impact was near the same. Gorgeous visuals […]

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