Vampire Diaries: Under Control

Well in the Vampire Diaries, things definitely aren’t under control in the least. Stefan goes blood-loving rogue, some weird uncle shows up with a ring like Alaric’s who can’t die, Tyler gets his full-moon rage on, and Jeremy loses his brief coolness going back to mopey-lame-Jeremy-obsessed-with-Vicky. What is going on, folks? Overall it was a […]

John May is dead

So surprise, surprise – John May is dead and was killed by none other than our V-turned-ally buddy, Ryan. Another weak V episode even with a couple neat action sequences like the torture scene with Georgie, and plot twists like Ryan’s girlfriend finding his secret room with the ultrasounds of her part-lizard baby. I didn’t […]

Avatar comes to DVD Earth Day 4.22.10

And blue is the new black! Reserve your copy now and get it to your living room – Avatar comes to Blu-ray and DVD on April 22, 2010. Forget the Oscars or the Golden Globes, on this site, Avatar was best picture for 2009 (and maybe a tiny part of 2010), and the highest grossing […]

New Novel Update

The new novel went out to its first test reader after weeks of self-editing. As most of you would-be writers already know, this is very arduous task that can go against every emotional bone in your body because you are, after all, editing yourself. It’s as if you were a plastic surgeon staring at yourself […]

Vampire Diaries: Let the right one in

And the Vampire Diaries are back in the game! The Vampire Diaries was an AWESOME episode tonight! Full of action and suspense and drama. What was not to love!? The CW really redeemed themselves this week. The attack on Stefan was expected (having been in the previews), but I can’t say that I don’t utterly […]

John May Lives

The ABC series V seems to be quickly losing steam in my opinion. Tonight’s was a slightly better episode than last week’s, and definitely had some good moments, like the baby V moving around in Ryan’s girlfriend’s stomach, but overall it just felt flat. I know that they have to build up the whole Fifth […]

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