The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

I finally managed to get in to see Eclipse over the weekend. I can honestly say that from Twilight to New Moon to Eclipse, the movies have definitely improved. But of course, boatloads of money will do that for you. I’m still not a huge fan of Robert Pattinson *gasp* but I’m very impressed with […]

Come get your True Blood!

So the last episode of True Blood entitled Crimes was pretty decent. LOVED the dream that Eric had about Sookie, but loved even more the look that was on his face when he woke up. Classic. Normally it’s about humans dreaming about vampires not the other way around! He was completely shaken! Definitely got my […]

True Blood – It Hurts Me Too & Beautifully Broken

These last two episodes of True Blood felt more like plot movers than anything especially with the Eric/Godric flashbacks and the Bill/Lorena flashbacks, although there were a couple exciting moments in both episodes. I forgot to mention Sam’s search for his family in my last post but that’s because it just wasn’t as interesting as […]

True Blood is Back!

Ok, so it’s been back for a few weeks but if you’ve been following my blogging, you would know that I have been in Europe where True Blood is barely in its infancy, conception stages even. Either way, I very smartly DVR’d True Blood while I was away and am now about to embark on […]

Lugano and Lena

So on this past weekend’s trip to the romantic oasis of Lugano nestled in the south of Switzerland in the Swiss Alps, I got hit with a hot bolt of inspiration – I am going to write Lena’s story. Lena is one of the supporting characters from my novel Bloodspell, and she is an intriguing […]

Inside the walls of ice – the middle of a glacier!

Being inside a glacier is no joke. It is breathtaking and awe-inspiring! My journey to the glacier high in the Swiss Alps began on a tour bus in central Zurich that wound its way down to Lucerne through lush countryside and gorgeous mountains until it came to a stop at the base of Mount Titlis. […]

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