True Blood Finale Review: Evil is Going On

Drumroll please…the True Blood finale has come and gone, leaving us to wait out the ten long months until next summer. Overall, it wasn’t a bad finale, lots of blood, action, and black vampire ash. And let’s not forget all the other intrigue peppered into this last episode – Bill’s hidden secrets and attempt to […]

The Vampire Diaries – Season Premiere: The Return

The Vampire Diaries season premiere opened with a bang. I completely forgot that Katherine was back so it was good that they did a repeat of last season’s finale when she cut off John Gilbert’s fingers. So to recap, Elena’s doppelganger, Katherine, is back and is in fine form getting to know all of the […]

Getting Limber

The title of this blog post is meant in the “literary” way of course…metaphorically speaking, limbering up my brain, my vocabulary, my creativity, and physically, my typing fingers. The flow of inspiration is liquid these days, especially this past weekend, and I am very grateful. 5000 words into a new story has been liberating, and […]

True Blood: Fresh Blood

Not super fresh, I thought. Fresh Blood definitely had its moments, but overall it just didn’t get there for me. Maybe it was because I expected a TON more from the second to last episode of the season. Firstly, it’s disappointing that they basically gave away how they were going to kill Russell in the […]

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