The Return of the Cyber-Universe

That’s right, peeps, I am talking about Tron: Legacy, the soon-to-be blockbuster coming to a theater near you from Disney. For those of you who don’t know about the original Tron circa 1982,┬áTron: Legacy picks up when Sam Flynn tries to find his father, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), who has been missing for the past […]

The Vampire Diaries: Plan B

Katherine is really ramping up the evil in this episode, isn’t she? I thought the opening of this episode was pretty cool with the juxtaposition of the two love scenes between Katherine and Mason, and Elena and Stefan. I find it very interesting when you see one actress playing two different opposing characters so well, […]

Pocket Frogs for iPad

Curse you, Pocket Frogs, curse you! *shakes fist to sky!* I honestly cannot stop playing this game. I don’t even know if it can qualify as a game. At most it’s a distraction…a lovely, mindless, time-destroying, evilly addictive distraction. In Pocket Frogs, you start out with a few multicolored frogs, the object being to tame […]

Movie Review: The Social Network

Considering that I am an avid user of Facebook, I really didn’t know much about this story other than the fact that its creator, Mark Zuckerberg, had some issues with other people at Harvard claiming he’d stolen their idea, and a bunch of suits and settlements ensued. In the simplest terms, basically that’s the gist […]

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