YA Scavenger Hunt Summer 2012

ANNOUNCING THE SUMMER YA SCAVENGER HUNT AUTHORS! This summer, the YA Scavenger Hunt will have two teams (RED & BLUE) of 27 authors each. I will be on the RED team! You can get to know some amazing authors and win signed copies of these fabulous books. Check them all out below. The Hunt starts on August 1, […]

Dan Gets a Minivan: Review & Giveaway

Check out my review of DAN GETS A MINIVAN: LIFE AT THE INTERSECTION OF DUDE AND DAD in TheLoopNY, as well as my hilarious interview with the author, Dan Zevin. This is a unique and funny book that you won’t want to miss, which has been optioned by Adam Sandler for a television sitcom. Check […]

So your WIP is done, what’s next?

In Anne Lamott‘s words, your crappy first draft is done, pretty much what you’ve verbally vomited onto paper/screen/napkin, whatever. So what’s next? The next thing you do is pat yourself on the back. Well done! You’ve written an entire novel. WOOHOO! Now comes the hard part. Just kidding, but not really. I say that it’s […]

Happy 4th of July 2012

  The Fourth of July (also known as Independence Day) celebrates the day that the United States declared itself independent from Britain on July 4 1776. Traditionally, people in the USA celebrate with barbecues and with their families, and then watch the fireworks all across the country once night falls. In the NYC area, the […]