Toruk Makto Rises Again – AVATAR (take 2)

So I went to see Avatar again, and yes, totally in IMAX. Read my initial review here. I was not disappointed a second time. I did find myself wishing certain sequences would move more quickly so I could get to my the parts I loved, but overall, the impact was near the same. Gorgeous visuals […]

2012 Movie Review

So I made the mistake of watching 2012 right after Avatar, which was probably not a good thing for any film, even if it was an above average film. 2012, sadly, was not. It was more of a hodge podge of “getting the hell out of dodge” when the world starts collapsing (literally) under your […]

V closes out 2009

So not bad for the final ABC’s V episode for 2009. I did think that it did get a little weird with the whole Anna “bask-in-me” sun thing. That was more than a little strange. But I guess they’re lizards, so they have to bask in something. I LOVED some of Anna’s evil faces! After […]

V Series taking off like a UFO – Second Episode

I continue to be excited by the new series on ABC – V. The second episode was pretty good! It didn’t leave me hanging from the awesomeness of last week, which was a great thing, and it kept the tension going. Big fan of the alien skin special effects – can’t wait to see more […]

V for Very Freaking Awesome

Ok, I know this is more or less a fantasy site, but seriously, how could I not post something about V, the new ABC series based on the 1980’s mini-series of alien encounters, and mass human deception and manipulation! Not only was I a child of the 80’s, but I absolutely loved V, and loved […]

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