Vampire Diaries CW TV – Episode 2

Not bad, not bad… Only had the fog just once, thank God. If I’d seen it a second time, I swear I would have switched over to Bones on Fox. Vamp special effects with the eyes and black cheek markings were still pretty cool. Good tension between the brothers in both scenes at the house […]

True Blood….sigh….you’ve lost your bite

Two weeks with bated breath, all for nought. I admit that parts of it were interesting enough like when Maryann gets gored by her bull-god/Sam and then implodes into blackened remains. Cool effects there. EVR was still disappointing as the queen – but boy did I laugh at her saber-tooth vampire impersonation. For a season […]

Vampire Diaries CW TV Show

Vampire Diaries, Episode 1, Pilot Air Date 9/10/09 Pros: 1) Dramatic start to the show. 2) Good looking cast. 3) Passable acting by two main characters. 4) Cool vamp face/makeup. Cons: 1) One word – fog. Hello? Very dated. We like contemporary vampires, especially for this type of hip vampire show. 2) Terrible acting from […]

True Blood, second to last episode

Ok, so total filler episode. ERW as the “queen” is so weak. Not believable at all as a vampire queen – definitely need someone like Aaliyah in “Queen of the Damned.” Now that was a vampire queen! Sookie better open a large can of whop-ass in the finale in two weeks. And more Jason man-candy […]

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