True Blood, second to last episode

Ok, so total filler episode. ERW as the “queen” is so weak. Not believable at all as a vampire queen – definitely need someone like Aaliyah in “Queen of the Damned.” Now that was a vampire queen! Sookie better open a large can of whop-ass in the finale in two weeks. And more Jason man-candy […]

Write a Killer Query Letter, Part 3

In your last couple paragraphs, you want to include where you see the market for your book, and what would be competing titles. Also include any media contacts you may help that could help in the marketing platform for your book. Lastly, include your education, previous publishing history/credentials (if any), and background, as well as […]

Write a Killer Query Letter, Part 2

You must include the agent’s name – not “dear agency”, not “to whom it may concern” and definitely not “dear agent.” Also agents despise multiple submissions, especially ones that include (stupidly in my opinion) multiple agencies. Make your e-query tailored to one specific agent, as you would a snail mail letter. Start out with a […]

Write a Killer Query Letter

Seriously there are hundreds of sites with actual examples that can help you. If you are like me and previously unpublished, you need to write a query that will make your lack of publishing credentials fade into the white (of the paper that is). In many cases, your query will be an e-submission. A lot […]

Network, Network, Network

Join writing communities or go to writer’s conferences in your area – network, network, network! A warm entry/referral to an agent is always better than a “cold” query. Work up an awesome one liner pitch of your novel and be prepared to sell it in a 30 second time-slot with a prospective agent or editor. […]

Make Your Literary Agent List

So you’re ready for your next step. Get online and search the internet for agents in your genre – my favorite site was Agent Query which lets you search by genre, subject, or keyword. Check out published books in your genre and look in the acknowledgments – it will usually mention the agent. Start compiling […]

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