True Blood: I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

Holy crow, True Blood! Blood, guts, gore, and more. Way to wake Tara up! I think I am now a little afraid of her badassness – biting Franklin in the neck and then bludgeoning his skull to flatness with a grisly-looking spiky hammer! Outstanding! Although I do have to say that I don’t think Franklin […]

My brain is about to explode

No kidding. It feels like everything is coming to boiling point. Writing a new book, a literary one mind you…no urban fantasy here, just evil masquerading as nice, normal individuals. Seriously, you don’t need to be a vampire or a werewolf to be inhuman. Strip away those top layers and sometimes you will be disgusted […]

True Blood: Trouble

Finally! True Blood is hitting a stride! Tara gets out of stupid mode and is actually funny in this episode. Loved her OMG faces when she’s talking to the obviously psychotic Franklin. He is hilarious when he does the “how-fast-can-I-text” thing. What a tool. Hopefully Tara is wily enough to wrap him around her little […]

Movie Review: Inception

Prepare to get completely mind-effed. I was, and am still recovering. Rated at 84% on the tomatometer at Rotten Tomatoes, Inception was an amazing film. Not only was it a fantastic visual experience, the plot is so intricate with so many layers, that you would need to see this movie more than once to even […]

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