Welcome to the Winter 2012 YA Scavenger Hunt!

Welcome to the super-tastic YA Scavenger Hunt! For those new to the rodeo, this tri-annual event was first organized by the fabulous Colleen Houck as a way to give readers a chance to gain access to bonus material from their favorite authors … and a chance to win some awesome prizes! If you came here looking for […]

Winter Scavenger Hunt 2012!

Is everyone ready??? Because the WINTER SCAVENGER HUNT starts in THREE DAYS!!! ANNOUNCING THE WINTER SCAVENGER HUNT AUTHORS! This winter, the YA Scavenger Hunt will have two teams (RED & BLUE) of 25 authors each. I will be on the BLUE team! Below is a list of the authors and teams for the upcoming Hunt. The hunt will begin this Thursday, […]

I’ve Been Tagged: The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

I have been tagged by my friend and fellow writer Lucy D. Briand for this circulating blog hop. I did a quick search on “The Next Big Thing Blog Hop” and it was pretty cool to see what other writers across the globe had to say. In a nutshell, it’s a little snapshot of what I’m […]