Make Your Literary Agent List

So you’re ready for your next step. Get online and search the internet for agents in your genre – my favorite site was Agent Query which lets you search by genre, subject, or keyword. Check out published books in your genre and look in the acknowledgments – it will usually mention the agent. Start compiling […]

So you wrote a novel, now what?

First of all make sure that your novel is around 100,000 words. Publishers these days will not take on longer novels unless you’re J.K. Rowling. And agents – well that’s one of the first things they look for. Finally, even when you think it’s ready for submission to agents – edit, edit, edit. Don’t just […]

Fantasy Novel LoveList

A few of my classic and more recent favs: – Tolkien: Lord of the Rings trilogy – J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter series – C.S. Lewis: Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, Narnia series (7 books) – Phillip Pullman: His Dark Materials trilogy – Holly Black: Tithe, Ironside, Valiant – Melissa Marr: Wicked Lovely – Christopher Paolini: […]

Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Movies

My favs: Legend Star Wars The Fifth Element Lord of the Rings Harry Potter Labyrinth Willow The Neverending Story E.T. WALL-E The Matrix Alien, Aliens A Clockwork Orange Dune Serenity Stardust Constantine Pan’s Labyrinth Watchmen


So what’s my novel about? Bloodspell is a young adult urban fantasy – a dark coming-of-age love story about a young woman who discovers that she is a witch. It tells the tale of an emerging heroine with an indomitable spirit who has to face and vanquish the demons on the inside before she can […]

Blogbie Blog Intro

Blogbie = Blogger + Newbie I’m not sure that I’m really a niche blogger. But I think that this particular blog will center around most things Fantasy, as in books, movies, TV shows, discussions, etc. And of course, my own journey as an Urban Fantasy writer. Enjoy. Click on About Amalie if you want to […]

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