Write a Killer Query Letter

Seriously there are hundreds of sites with actual examples that can help you. If you are like me and previously unpublished, you need to write a query that will make your lack of publishing credentials fade into the white (of the paper that is). In many cases, your query will be an e-submission. A lot […]

Network, Network, Network

Join writing communities or go to writer’s conferences in your area – network, network, network! A warm entry/referral to an agent is always better than a “cold” query. Work up an awesome one liner pitch of your novel and be prepared to sell it in a 30 second time-slot with a prospective agent or editor. […]

Make Your Literary Agent List

So you’re ready for your next step. Get online and search the internet for agents in your genre – my favorite site was Agent Query which lets you search by genre, subject, or keyword. Check out published books in your genre and look in the acknowledgments – it will usually mention the agent. Start compiling […]

So you wrote a novel, now what?

First of all make sure that your novel is around 100,000 words. Publishers these days will not take on longer novels unless you’re J.K. Rowling. And agents – well that’s one of the first things they look for. Finally, even when you think it’s ready for submission to agents – edit, edit, edit. Don’t just […]

Fantasy Novel LoveList

A few of my classic and more recent favs: – Tolkien: Lord of the Rings trilogy – J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter series – C.S. Lewis: Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, Narnia series (7 books) – Phillip Pullman: His Dark Materials trilogy – Holly Black: Tithe, Ironside, Valiant – Melissa Marr: Wicked Lovely – Christopher Paolini: […]

Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Movies

My favs: Legend Star Wars The Fifth Element Lord of the Rings Harry Potter Labyrinth Willow The Neverending Story E.T. WALL-E The Matrix Alien, Aliens A Clockwork Orange Dune Serenity Stardust Constantine Pan’s Labyrinth Watchmen

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