Calling All Literary Agents

So here I am on Saturday, first day of “decision weekend drama.” I have a BIG decision to make, re: the best literary agent for me and my soon to be glorious writing career. Last night I couldn’t sleep, not really due to my decision-making stress, but more because I was thinking about karma and […]

Agent Offer Update – 6 Offers

I now have a total of six offers of representation from six top literary agencies! Oh happy day! Still, not an enviable position. It’s hard enough to choose between two really good agents, far less six. But hopefully this is a good sign that my novel has a good shot of success in today’s highly […]


So what’s my novel about? Bloodspell is a young adult urban fantasy – a dark coming-of-age love story about a young woman who discovers that she is a witch. It tells the tale of an emerging heroine with an indomitable spirit who has to face and vanquish the demons on the inside before she can […]

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