So your WIP is done, what’s next?

In Anne Lamott‘s words, your crappy first draft is done, pretty much what you’ve verbally vomited onto paper/screen/napkin, whatever. So what’s next? The next thing you do is pat yourself on the back. Well done! You’ve written an entire novel. WOOHOO! Now comes the hard part. Just kidding, but not really. I say that it’s […]

Why #YAsaves – a writer’s response to the WSJ article

You may or may not have seen the WSJ article that had Twitter buzzing last night and today, nor the responses from thousands of readers and writers alike offering their heartfelt thoughts and reasons on why YA fiction saves, trending third in the US under the #YAsaves hash tag. You can read the article here:- […]

BookExpo America & the Book Blogger Convention

BookExpo America (BEA) will be held at the Javits center in NYC from May 23-26. I will be attending the second annual Book Blogger Convention on Friday May 27, and will be participating in the fabulous Author Speed Dating event. Should be an awesome, fun and informative time! Hope to see you there!

LA Times Article: The Future of Reading

Neat article in the LA Times about the future of the publishing industry. It’s an interesting (and eye-opening) take on the role of traditional publishers and literary agents. Check it out. Book publishers see their role as gatekeepers shrink I’m starting to see more and more of this as mainstream multi-published authors separate from their […]

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