Edit, Set, Go!

Final round of edits completed, and we are off to the races! My agent likes the changes we have made and is happy with the final result. Now we are going to go back to publishers after months of very hard work and see if we can get this book sold! Stay tuned for more […]

Publisher Submissions Away!

Houston, we have lift off! My manuscript has now been officially submitted to publishers. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I will be sure to post any progress as soon as I get any feedback. Now, on to the waiting game…tick, tock, tick, tock.

Write a Killer Query Letter, Part 3

In your last couple paragraphs, you want to include where you see the market for your book, and what would be competing titles. Also include any media contacts you may help that could help in the marketing platform for your book. Lastly, include your education, previous publishing history/credentials (if any), and background, as well as […]