So your WIP is done, what’s next?

In Anne Lamott‘s words, your crappy first draft is done, pretty much what you’ve verbally vomited onto paper/screen/napkin, whatever. So what’s next? The next thing you do is pat yourself on the back. Well done! You’ve written an entire novel. WOOHOO! Now comes the hard part. Just kidding, but not really. I say that it’s […]

New Novel Update

The new novel went out to its first test reader after weeks of self-editing. As most of you would-be writers already know, this is very arduous task that can go against every emotional bone in your body because you are, after all, editing yourself. It’s as if you were a plastic surgeon staring at yourself […]

Editing Mania

Spent most of the weekend editing the new novel, doing some fat -trimming, some word-thinning, and some plot-tightening. Fun. I’m planning to get it out to the first group of test readers in the next week or so. This is my fourth editing iteration so I’m hoping that it’s starting to look a little more […]