“A coming-of-age story complicated by regicide, superhuman powers, the duty to protect a kingdom and one hot surfer. A fantastical surf-and-turf romance.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

“Howard has crafted a page-turning blend of magical realism and fantasy, set in an American high school starring a main character who morphs from sea monster to gorgeous sixteen-year-old with ease. Plot shifts, surprises, and a love affair not yet fully realized sets readers up for the second in the fascinating trilogy.” ~  Booklist


Nerissa Marin hides among teens in her human form, waiting for the day she can claim her birthright—the undersea kingdom stolen from her the day her father was murdered. Blending in is her best weapon—until her father’s betrayer confronts Nerissa and challenges her to a battle to the death on Nerissa’s upcoming birthday—the day she comes of age.

Amid danger and the heartbreak of her missing mother, falling for a human boy is the last thing Nerissa should do. But Lo Seavon breaches her defenses and somehow becomes the only person she can count on to help her desperate search for her mother, a prisoner of Nerissa’s mortal enemy. Is Lo the linchpin that might win Nerissa back her crown? Or will this mortal boy become the weakness that destroys her?

Praise for Waterfell


“A coming-of-age story complicated by regicide, superhuman powers, the duty to protect a kingdom and one hot surfer. A fantastical surf-and-turf romance.
“Exhilarating, romantic, and totally unique, Waterfell is an absolute page-turner!”
~ Kristi Cook, author of the Winterhaven Series
“The writing really flows right off the page and hooks you into wanting to find out just what is going to happen next.”
“I knew, almost immediately, that I was going to enjoy this book. The premise and plot, at least to me, were very original because I have not read anything like it before. […] Howard’s writing style was enjoyable and I loved the plot and tone of the story.

Pandora’s Books

Waterfell was such a fun and unique journey. It is not what I expected at all, but I was pleasantly surprised. This is young adult as it should be done. It’s full of angst and drama and of course life altering situations.”

Readers Live 1000 Lives

“Amalie Howard’s Waterfell was such a pleasant surprise. Being on the constant search for the perfect YA mermaid story, I almost overlooked this one. Waterfell is a fantastically-written page turner with a unique spin on the YA mermaid genre. Offering us a strong protagonist, a genuine and likeable BFF relationship and a dash of sci-fi Waterfell is one of my favourite reads so far this year!”

Nice Girls Read Books

“This novel is full of surprises and plenty of action and romance that will leave readers content and on the edge of their seats, all at the same time.”

The Bookshelf Sophisticate

“The world and races, however, are what made this book fascinating. Drama, heart-break, passion, intensity, tragedy and bite are all accounted for in Nerissa’s story and this world is rife with more stories to be told!”

Bookmarks, Spoilers and Happily Ever After

“Waterfell gave me both sides of the ocean, still and stormy, through the wondrous simplicity of human life and the violent and challenging ups and downs of friendship, love and otherworldly affairs. Beautifully written, atmospheric and out of this world, Waterfell will capture the hearts of readers of mythology and paranormal.”

Fragments of Life


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