Daybreakers Movie

Daybreakers has been out for a week but I have yet to see it. This vampire movie takes a new approach to the vampire-mania across the nation – it portrays a world where vampires are the majority and humans are the minority, hunted and farmed for blood. Enter power, corruption, and politics. Nix teen-angst, sparkles, and cool vampire hair. Oh wait, the cool vampire hair is still there. Like blood, I guess you can’t have a vampire flick without it. At least this one has fangs.

The reviews from Rotten Tomatoes look decent, at 66%, which in the Rotten Tomato world is pretty darn good. And I heard the 6 Second Review guy this morning say that he’s in because the vampires don’t sparkle. Classic.

Check out those 6 seconds here.

Maybe I’ll get a look at it this weekend. For now, here’ s the trailer if you haven’t seen it.

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