Publicity Publicity Publicity!

It’s as important as location, location, location, if not more. Just wanted to do a quick post that I have chosen JKS Communications as the publicity firm to represent my novel, BLOODSPELL, which will be coming out early this year. I will post more on release timelines, so stay tuned. As with everything else tied […]

Movie Review: Animal Kingdom

I figure that since I am in Australia, I better blog about an Australian movie, so here goes. Animal Kingdom, a suburban crime drama film, is up for a Golden Globe nomination in the Best Supporting Actress category. It has won several IF Awards (Australian Inside Film Award) in addition to receiving recognition at the […]

Book Review: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is a simple fable about following your dreams. Along the lines of The Secret, it rests on the theory that everything in the universe (“the soul of the world”) aligns to get you what you want even when it seems that things may not be going your way. I picked up The Alchemist […]

Happy New Year 2011!

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and happy New Year 2011! This will be a big year for me – with my first young adult novel coming out in April! I am thrilled, excited, and scared all at the same time. But I am sure of one thing, and that is that I’m going to go […]

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