Publicity Publicity Publicity!

It’s as important as location, location, location, if not more. Just wanted to do a quick post that I have chosen JKS Communications as the publicity firm to represent my novel, BLOODSPELL, which will be coming out early this year. I will post more on release timelines, so stay tuned.

As with everything else tied to BLOODSPELL, it was an agonizing decision, coming down to two firms – JKS Communications and SoCal Public Relations. Both led by dynamic articulate individuals who are experts in the young adult publicity field, I was in a quagmire on who to choose. In the end, I chose JKS because of a friend’s recommendation, but honestly, I knew it wouldn’t matter who I went with. I could have flipped a coin and been happy with the choice. Rebecca Grose, the owner of SoCal Public Relations, came highly recommended by other publicity firms, and I would recommend her in a heart-beat. She knows the business inside out. Like I said, very tough decision.

I’ll keep you posted on things go with JKS Communications. Woohoo!

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