2013 New Year Resolutions

It’s that time again. Time to make 2013 New Year Resolutions!

It’s been a little hard to think of a few that I may actually keep, but I really want to try to hit them all this year.

I think the key is to put in a few really achievable ones so that the big ones don’t seem that big.

Either way, here’s my top 10:

1) Enjoy and treasure time with my family.

2) Focus on my writing career—writing, promoting, marketing, building my brand.

3) Get healthy: better diet and exercise. I actually need to lose a few pounds so this is a big one for me this year.

4) Help and mentor others however I can.

5) Manage stress better.

6) Be thankful for the opportunities that come my way, and work on sharing my gratitude to those who make my success possible.

7) Write like a maniac! I plan to write at least 3 new books next year.

8) Be grateful for what I have and appreciate that the grass isn’t necessarily always greener elsewhere.

9) Follow my dreams, no matter how impossible that may be at times.

10) If all else fails, there’s always pie. As in peach apple cobbler. And lots of it.

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