DVD Review: Terminator Salvation

terminator-salvation-posterSo I only have one question. Can you fall in love with an actor after he did a certain movie to such an extent that his voice undermines you even before he proves that he’s a good guy in some other movie?

OMG. Sam Worthington, I love you. And maybe, it’s totally because of Avatar, but oh man, wow. I wasn’t even watching Christian Bale (who by the way, let’s face it, is totally awesome!), I was all into the half-man, half-machine character, Marcus Wright…my boy, Sam Worthington, as in Jake Sully from Avatar.

Nothing new here in this installment of man versus machine, only this time it’s really about John Connor trying to save himself from being annihilated. Oh wait, that was what the other three were about. My bad. I meant this time was about John Connor trying to save theTerminator Salvation Connor versus Wright teenage boy whom he would eventually send back to the past to save his mother from the first terminator (bad Arnold), and who turns out to be his dad. Yep, if you think about that too much, you may just go crazy. Anyway, so in T4, he does end up saving his future dad, and Marcus Wright (half-man, half-machine) ends up saving him with his own heart, after ripping his chip out from the back of his head and telling the Skynet mother computer, “Watch me!” Bad-ass hybrid? Yes, please!

Great special effects, and some pretty neat action sequences. It would have been nice for them to use Marcus Wright’s character a little more to show how John Connor starts to trust the machines – at least enough to send them back in time (good Arnold) to protect himself and his mother. This wasn’t very obvious even though Marcus Wright does save his prophetic butt! I also loved the little girl who didn’t speak – totally awesome when she hands John Connor the remote detonator for the Skynet facility!!

I also wasn’t too sure about Christian Bale’s choice for a girlfriend. I kept thinking in my head that his mother (Sarah Connor) would beat that girl to the ground, but  maybe that’s just me being cynical. I thought that a more suitable girlfriend for John Connor would have been Blair. But at least she got a piece of the mandroid/mancandy, Marcus Wright. Yum-O!

Fine, I admit it. I am totally biased. Now I need to go watch Avatar on my iPod. Again. Woohoo!

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