Inspirational Authors

Someone recently asked about authors who inspired me. I guess that’s a fair question since it’s not really the same as a favorite book, which while enjoyable, may or may not have had any effect upon my own writing. I’ve included some of those authors/titles in an earlier post. Let’s see. I love Tolkien – his ability to envision cosmic settings and translate that vision to his readers is unmatched. I’d also have to say Lee Child. I adore his Reacher books – not only does he usually have a gripping, fast paced plot, but his details are so relevant to everything that is happening, and so well tied in, that they make his stories incredibly plausible. I love L.M. Montgomery, author of the Anne of Green Gables series – I can still read those books as an adult and enjoy them every time. Historical romance, hands down, Judith McNaught. I enjoy Mary Janice Davidson‘s witty dialogue in her Undead Series, especially the first four books. Betsy speaks like I would. Definitely J.K. Rowling – pretty much everything there, especially her ability to tell a continuously evolving story. Growing up, I’d probably have to say Enid Blyton as a child and V.C. Andrews as a teenager. High fantasy, without a doubt, David Eddings.

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