Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

I am SO fierce! I am a Twilight Princess superstar! Nevermind that I am consulting Gamespot like a crack addict, but at least I am getting somewhere since my last post. I was proud to finally nunchuck my way out of the Forest Temple (swinging my fist at the cruel designers who invented those giant skulltula arachnids…HORRID, horrid things). **shudder**

After a lot of effort, I finally mastered the stupid spider-pod bomblings! Guess when? You got it…during the boss fight. Oh yes, all the way at the very end of the Forest Temple. Why didn’t someone tell me I could have used the boomerang to double-target so that I never had to throw the stupid exploding things and blow myself up in the process!!!! What’s the point of cheating with a walkthrough if that useful little tidbit is not in there!? Ah well, live and letwilight-princessarn. Killed the boss no problem once I had that down, and am now finally onto the next quest – Kakariko and Eldin.

Go me!!! Um, I mean Link. Check back for more as we make progress defending against the forces of shadow! No doubt with Gamespot‘s very available help, and of course the random Google when I get wedged into a too-tight spot like when I ran out of oil in room 13 of the Forest Temple and had to run ALL the way back outside – my silver lining was that I randomly learned that you could be a cheapskate and pay just one rupee instead of getting pecked to death for thievery. Sweet! What did one ever do without walkthroughs!?

Oh right…they tried and died, and did it again. Old school kung-fu.

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