Make Your Literary Agent List

So you’re ready for your next step. Get online and search the internet for agents in your genre – my favorite site was Agent Query which lets you search by genre, subject, or keyword. Check out published books in your genre and look in the acknowledgments – it will usually mention the agent.

Start compiling a list of prospective agents. I would start with a very general list that you can then trim by preference into three or four groups. Research each of the agents in as much detail as possible. Check out the Absolute Write water cooler – it’s a great place to get writer feedback on specific agents/agencies. Writers Market also has a searchable database but you have to pay a fee to access it. I did it, but it isn’t 100% necessary to get what you need from other free sites. Publishers Marketplace is also another good place to do your research on specific agents or agencies. Last but not least, check out The Association of American Literary Agents. This site will list the legit agents who adhere to a specific canon of ethics.

Your final sheet should be should include agent name, agency, address, website, email address, submission preferences (email, hardcopy, synopsis, etc.), date query submitted, date response received, response or follow up requested.

Next step: Query Letter

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