Ok so we didn’t die …

BREAKING NEWS … the world’s still here!

Not that I thought the world was going to disappear or anything, but I didn’t book New Year’s Eve tickets just in case. Smart thinking on my part, I think. But yeah, now that we’re all still alive and kicking, time to figure out whether I’m going to ring in the 2013 New Year while stuffing my face or hugging my pillow. I have to say that the last couple years have been uninventive and pretty quiet as far as ringing in the New Year goes. But I’m thinking that since the world is still here, 2013 may require an extra special ring-a-ding-ding (which will require me to be awake at 12:01am). Yikes. I’m starting “training” from now — 10:00pm tonight and an extra quarter of an hour each night moving forward. Oh and I need to think about my resolutions too. Double yikes. We could have been in sweet oblivion right now, darn it. *shakes fist at Mayan Calendar*

Ok, I’m just kidding. I’m totally happy that life is ongoing, because I personally interpreted the end of the Mayan Calendar to mean “CHANGE.” So I’m going to roll with that and make some important changes in my life moving forward. We’re talking bucket list changes, ways I can make my world a better place, loving more and stressing less, figuring out how to be happy and make others happy.

Because the thing is if the world had really ended, would you have been happy with your life looking back on it? Would you have any regrets? Something to think about, right? So make the changes you need to make now. I’m going to.

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