Writing While Waiting

Although NaNoWriMo finished last November when my cumulative word totalĀ  was a mere 36,880, I wanted to post an update. Just because NaNoWriMo finished in 30 days didn’t mean that I stopped writing (nor should you if you did try the 30 day challenge). Plus writing something else definitely helps with the waiting (see my […]

The waiting game begins…

I find the most stressful part of writing, although some may argue that sometimes it’s the writing itself, is the waiting. Waiting to hear back from an agent, waiting to hear back from an editor, waiting to hear back from a publisher…it’s excruciating. And then of course, probably even worse after all that waiting, is […]

To Edit or Not to Edit – that is the question

Back to editing (see my last post on Slice and Dice Time). My new question is how and when do I know that enough is enough? Do I err on the side of caution or on the side of just-delete-it? I am finding myself in a curious spot, and my question is, can one actually […]

Slice and Dice Time: “Safe” versus “Art”

That “slice and dice” title doesn’t mean me or someone else, thank goodness. But it does mean that I have finally heard back from my agent after about four weeks on the manuscript (see last post – Nonstop Manuscript Editing). So basically what we are looking at is another round of editing before we go […]

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