New Novel Update

Hooray! New novel finished! At this point as per my last post, it’s still in Anne Lamott‘s words a “shitty first draft” but at least it is done. Now for the hard part…as in editing the “crap” out. At 107,000 words, it’s pretty lean as far as YA novels go these days, but that means I can tweak without worrying about having way too many words.

Rule of thumb for YA novels is about 100,000 words for you would-be YA writers, or so I’ve been told by a slew of agents my first go-around.

So what’s this novel about? Yeah…I think it’s time for a hint. It’s about the apocalypse. Not 2012 style, more Lord-of-the-Ringsin-hell style. Pretty cool stuff – I’m excited!!

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