Twilight Princess: Reekfish Alert!

Twilight_Princess_ReekfishStupid reekfish! Arrggh. Spent thirty minutes of wasted time bobbing that stupid floating lure up and down in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I even went as far as to Googlehow to catch reekfish.” Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Anyway, the short answer for those of you who don’t have an incredibly savvy 5 year old of your own to do the dirty (er, fishing) work for you is…jerk the Wii remoteTwilight_Princess_Yeti up just as you see a fish swim for the hook. You don’t have to wait for the lure to bob below the water. Once you see a fish swim to it, jerk up and hold it there even when you see FISH ON. Keep holding the remote up or you’ll lose the fish!

Then you change into the wolf and sniff it to learn a new scent. Then on to the Yetis and some Olympic-style downhill ice-boarding!

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