Vampire Diaries – CWTV “Haunted”

Loved this episode! Damon by far is my favorite because not only is he smoking hot and sexy, but his biting wit just keeps getting better and better. I laughed out loud when he calls Stefan “Count Deepak.” Hilarious! I thought that Vicky made things a lot more interesting in this episode, and the bite […]

Vampire Diaries CW TV Show – Episode 6 “Lost Girls”

Well, well, well. Houston we have lift off. I know I am a couple days late, but what a great episode! Love the angst between Elena and Stefan, and Damon just gets better and better. His “devil-may-care” attitude makes me laugh, and you just have to love his dry sense of humor – “I’m getting […]

Vampire Diaries CWTV – Episode 5

After tonight’s episode of the Vampire Diaries, I am once more at a loss. This episode lost all of the momentum from last week‘s cliffhanger ending. Seriously. First of all, it was so slow! I couldn’t even believe it because I had it DVR’d and it still seemed to crawl at a snail’s pace. The […]

The Vampire Diaries CW TV Show – Episode 4

OMG. I completely enjoyed this episode! If only for the wicked rip against Twilight – because as much as I enjoyed the books, I am just not a believer in sparkling vampires. They drink blood. They’re undead. They don’t fricken sparkle. Let me paraphrase the conversation between Damon and Caroline for those who missed it […]

Vampire Diaries CW TV – Episode 3

The start of this show needs to stop with the overly predictable “I’m gonna bite your face off Damon.” It’s getting old. We KNOW it’s a vampire show. But on the plus side, no fog!!! I’d give the whole episode a thumbs-up just on that fact alone. Love the football tryouts – vampires are about […]

Vampire Diaries CW TV – Episode 2

Not bad, not bad… Only had the fog just once, thank God. If I’d seen it a second time, I swear I would have switched over to Bones on Fox. Vamp special effects with the eyes and black cheek markings were still pretty cool. Good tension between the brothers in both scenes at the house […]

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