The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Trailer

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice with Nicholas Cage looks like it could be good and bad. Good because the special effects seem awesome – the first couple scenes in the trailer with the eagle off the Empire State Building  and the dragon ring are pretty cool. And bad because it’s Nicholas Cage and I’m not really a huge fan of his (although I did love him in Gone in 60 Seconds). Plus it’s a little hard to take Jay Baruchel seriously (Knocked Up, Tropic Thunder). For what it’s worth, it’s a Disney movie and it should have a ton of Disney dollars behind it which could translate into something neat to watch (i.e., sick special effects). With Jerry Bruckheimer at the helm, you know it’s going to be halfway decent. Still, jury’s still out on my end mainly because of the cast although Alfred Molina as the bad guy is a solid choice (Spiderman 2).

Check out the trailer and decide for yourself…

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