V closes out 2009

V-ABC-AnnaSo not bad for the final ABC’s V episode for 2009. I did think that it did get a little weird with the whole Anna “bask-in-me” sun thing. That was more than a little strange. But I guess they’re lizards, so they have to bask in something.

I LOVED some of Anna’s evil faces! After she said “skin him,” I think I actually felt a little nauseous. Dianna from the original series would no doubt be proud. I think it would have been way hotter for Anna to make a move on the TV reporter than for him to have some medical anomaly. That was predictable and boring. At least make him come back for some “bliss” with Queen Lizard instead of “I’m dying, put me higher on your donor list.”

The last episode had some good moments, including the hybrid pregnancy of the V/human couple, especially since in the original series, we had two hybrid babies – one lizardy and one more human (although I seem to remember a stinky little lizard tongue with the human-looking one….eww gross). That last scene with the V ships waiting to come to Thanksgiving dinner just didn’t do it for me. Too much, too soon.

Then again, a lot can happen between now and March 2010! Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day… At least we’ll all be nice and fat.

V is back March 2010.

PS – Get vaccinated. The H1N1 vaccine is unrelated to aliens trying to kill us all.

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