“The love story had me swooning. A must read and I am giving this book 5 out of 5 stars.” ~ Seeing Double In Neverland

“Just read it! It’s so great!” ~ ArmyWife

SEEING THEM MEANS CERTAIN DEATH                                                      

Speio Marin desperately wants to return to his undersea home, but the Aquarathi queen-to-be, Nerissa, wants nothing to do with any of her people or her oceanic kingdom. Torn between his own desires and his sworn duty to his future queen, Speio spirals into despair.

But when he meets Anya Delmonico—an enigmatic girl trapped by a dark past—he is drawn to her despite his loathing for humans. Anya is unlike anyone he’s ever met, and when she finds herself in mortal danger, Speio will risk discovery and more to protect her.

Duty will topple to the greatest adversary of all…love.


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