Triple Threat: Chicago Indie Bookstores

Further to my last post about the wonderful Book Stall in Winnetka, IL, I also visited two other great independent bookstores in the Chicago area during my mini-Chicago Bloodspell tour. I wanted to mention all three together here, because I think independent bookstores are a wonderful and much-needed cornerstone to the book industry. Although these three are each as varied as their owners and they each have different flavors, they all have one thing in common – a deep-rooted love for all things books.

The first awesome indie is Sandmeyer’s, family owned and operated since 1982, and located in Chicago’s South Loop (714 S. Dearborn St.  • Chicago, IL 60605 • 312 922-2104). Run by owner, Ellen Sandmeyer, Sandmeyer’s is located in a gorgeous ginger-bread house building. It’s as delicious on the inside as it is on its cupcake-frosted outside, with its red-brick walls and full of deliciously displayed books in all genres. Truly a mom-and-pop family-run endeavor, Sandmeyer’s is a lovely, quiet and welcoming indie bookstore.

The second terrific indie bookstore is The Book Stall located in Winnetka, IL (811 Elm Street  •  Winnetka, IL 60093  •  847 446-8880). Run by owner, Roberta Rubin, The Book Stall is a bookstore for everyone – kids, teens and and grown-ups, and boasts a fabulously wide selection of books for every appetite. It’s light and open and airy, with a wonderful children’s read and play area. Known for hosting fabulous authors and events, The Book Stall is the place to be to meet your reading and writing heroes.

The third wonderful indie is 57th Street Books located on the South Side of Chicago (1301 E 57th St. • Chicago, IL 60637 •  773 684-1300) and home to a genuine plethora of books. But that isn’t what makes this unassuming bookstore so special – it’s the wonderful underground space that is home to so many terrific books. Like a beautiful exposed-brick secret underground maze, 57th Street Books invites you to just get blissfully lost in its many mysterious book-filled nooks. Oh, and even the President of the United States has been here!

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