2012 Movie Review

untitledSo I made the mistake of watching 2012 right after Avatar, which was probably not a good thing for any film, even if it was an above average film. 2012, sadly, was not. It was more of a hodge podge of “getting the hell out of dodge” when the world starts collapsing (literally) under your feet.

Apart from some decent earth-cracking magma and tsunami scenes, 2012 was lacking in a strong plot and the acting on the whole was sub-par, which for John Cusack and Woody Harrelson was a bit disappointing for me. 2012 tried to have the feel of Armageddon and it fell far short. The arc concept was neat but it was so poorly executed and undermined by the shoddy acting and loose ends all around (like the annoying Russian ex-boxer with twin idiotic sons) that it didn’t have as much impact as it could have.

Rotten Tomatoes has it at 39%. I’d give 2012 one star for effort, and say wait for cable television.

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