Book Review: Switched (The Trylle Trilogy, #1) by Amanda Hocking

I started reading Switched by Amanda Hocking on my iPad yesterday and just couldn’t stop reading until I was done! The story grabs you from the very first pages, and suddenly you find yourself in the middle of the book on this surreal journey with Wendy that you just can’t stop. I thought that all the characters were relatable, which is surprising, because I only usually like one or two in a novel. I empathized with Wendy (even when she was bratty), and I was fascinated by Finn and Elora (loved her remote iciness). I was also interested in Rhys, Rhiannon, and Willa – they brought really interesting dimension to the whole story.

The beauty of this novel is in its simplicity – it’s a story that focuses on the characters and the way they interact in the Trylle world within the real world. There were so many interesting undercurrents between the different relationships that I really got caught up in them (don’t want to give too much away!) I loved learning about Trylle life and I wanted to know more about them! At no point did I find myself getting bored…in fact, I think I may have sped-read the last few pages so I may need to go back to make sure I didn’t miss anything!! I was bummed when I got to the end because it did end quite quickly, but at least the author put in a few pages from the sequel so I was somewhat mollified. 🙂

Interesting, engaging, well-written story with connectable characters. I really enjoyed this book!

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