Movie Review: Salt

I love sleeper spy agent movies! Salt was non-stop action even though its run-time was only an hour and thirty-nine minutes, which in my opinion definitely goes to show that longer isn’t necessarily better as is the case with many inflated Hollywood movies these days. The spy-thriller plot is complex enough to keep you guessing, […]

My Lackadaisical Updating

So yes, I am absolutely guilty of not updating as regularly as I have been, and I have no real excuse other than I’ve been traveling in Europe and haven’t come across any “fantasy-esque” or writing-related things to talk about. Still, it’s a good excuse! In the last couple days, I’ve been to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, […]

Wicked: The Musical

Wicked: The Musical is based on the book Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire. It’s an awesome back-story on the classic fantasy tale, The Wizard of Oz. I’d always wanted to see the musical but just never got around to it until recently. It was amazing! […]

Zombieland Review – Nut Up or Shut Up!

Columbus’ Top 4 Rules for Surviving Zombieland 01. Cardio (be fit; the fat guys get eaten first) 02. Beware of Bathrooms (zombies go for easy prey) 03. Seatbelts (self-explanatory) 04. Double Tap (always shoot or hit a zombie a second time just to make sure they’re really dead. Again.) Zombieland definitely lived up to its […]