Cover reveal & giveaway for MY DARLING, MY DISASTER

Angie Morgan¬†(my brilliant co-author of the Lords of Essex series) and I would like to share the gorgeous cover for the second book in the Lords Of Essex series: MY DARLING, MY DISASTER, and want to celebrate with a giveaway! WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK??? We are in love!! Angie and I adore the colors, […]

A Crash Course on Rejection

Rejection sucks. Period. I mean, there is no easy way around it. Whether it’s from an agent or an editor, it hurts when someone says your submission isn’t good enough, ergo “you” aren’t good enough. But the truth of it is that one person’s opinion is subjective. I know you know this, but repeat it […]

Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon

So I was finally able to taste the “Vampire” Cabernet Sauvignon wine thanks to my buddy Esquie (aka Pam) – she lives just down the block and figured we’d bust it open to toast our weirdness and of course shower some good luck on the novel. I have to say I was wary given my […]

“Werewolf” Cabernet Sauvignon

So this is a first on my blog – review of a wine, aptly named “Werewolf”¬† and perfect for Halloween. Thanks Gordo! Made in Romania, mind you. I had a liberal sniff and the smell of this wine took up residence in my brain, bags packed and everything (although let’s be realistic, my bags were […]