Final Fantasy II – A Super Nintendo Classic

final_fantasy_2I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to go back to playing FFII in my last post about Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers. Actually I was…and then I clicked on it, and well that was the end of that. Seriously FFII is a classic. I don’t FFII_Gangknow why newer games (in the FF dynasty) with so much technology at their fingertips just seem to get bogged down in it. Take the Crystal Bearers for example…graphics are overdone, gameplay feels sluggish, and it’s just boring. I’d take the Sylph cave in Final Fantasy II as a side quest any day over the inane “design your own garden” in Crystal Bearers!

In FFII, the graphics aren’t great, but the gameplay definitely is. 18 hours later and memories of the “Big Whale” revisited, I have beaten Zeromus and loved every minute of it, even those dastardly “EvilzeromusWalls” and the “Behemoths.”

Rydia is still my favorite player, and I still think that Rosa looks like an anime version of Jennifer Aniston. Oh, yea and Cecil is still paladin hot!

I definitely didn’t get as worked up as I did the last few times I played it, but it was still challenging, especially that Odin fight where I kept getting cleaved. Definitely as fun as I remembered! FFIII, here I come!

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