Lugano and Lena

So on this past weekend’s trip to the romantic oasis of Lugano nestled in the south of Switzerland in the Swiss Alps, I got hit with a hot bolt of inspiration – I am going to write Lena’s story.

Lena is one of the supporting characters from my novel Bloodspell, and she is an intriguing bit of work, especially since she was my main male character’s first love back in the eighteenth century. In Bloodspell, Lena is standoffish and powerful, but she came from somewhere…she was a vulnerable girl once. I want to write about that. At the very least, I’ll jot down some notes, but I’m definitely feeling it.

Although it is now known as the Monte Carlo of Switzerland because of its range of jet-set visitors, Lugano (resting on the shores of the magnificent Lake Lugano) has been populated since the Stone Age, and has been claimed by the Italians, the Swiss, and the French all at some point during its long history, making it great food for thought…and writing this story!

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