True Blood is Back!

Ok, so it’s been back for a few weeks but if you’ve been following my blogging, you would know that I have been in Europe where True Blood is barely in its infancy, conception stages even. Either way, I very smartly DVR’d True Blood while I was away and am now about to embark on a lovely mini-marathon. The best thing about my 3 episode extravaganza? No waiting between episodes! Woohoo!

Episode 1 – Bad Blood aka “Conscience off, Dick on”

OMG #1: Eric naked

OMG #2: Stackhouse naked

OMG #3: Eric naked. Um, sorry, got distracted.

Not a bad first episode to the new season at all, especially with the introduction of the werewolves. Tara is as annoying as ever, and I am still waiting for Lafayette to get his spunk on. I enjoyed seeing more of Pam – I find her a very interesting character. She’s got some nice sass. I must admit I felt a wee thrill when she got up in Lafayette’s face, and said, “I am no hooker. That was a very…very long time ago.” Classic.

So far, I am also really enjoying the dynamic between Eric and Sookie. I love the little undercurrents between them, and it’s nice to see Eric’s…um…sensitive side. Jessica is cool too and I am excited to see what happens with her.

I do have to say that when I saw the werewolves, I felt disappointed. I mean they were just plain old wolves. That’s been done. In Twilight, the wolves are just basically giant wolves. In Blood and Chocolate, they were plain wolves as well. Call me old school, but when I think of werewolves, I think of half-man, half-wolf creatures. Lycans all the way. But I will give props to the director for including the 5 minute Post Mortem at the end – solid move, especially since they explain why they went with the plain wolves as the were-form, and the fact that they use real wolves on set is cool. Plus, Stephen Moyer’s (Bill) accent was so hot, that I think I would have loved anything he said about those wolves period!

Stay tuned for episode 2.

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