True Blood Finale Review: Evil is Going On

Drumroll please…the True Blood finale has come and gone, leaving us to wait out the ten long months until next summer. Overall, it wasn’t a bad finale, lots of blood, action, and black vampire ash. And let’s not forget all the other intrigue peppered into this last episode – Bill’s hidden secrets and attempt to […]

True Blood: Fresh Blood

Not super fresh, I thought. Fresh Blood definitely had its moments, but overall it just didn’t get there for me. Maybe it was because I expected a TON more from the second to last episode of the season. Firstly, it’s disappointing that they basically gave away how they were going to kill Russell in the […]

True Blood: I Smell a Rat

So Sookie is a fairy. One dumb-ass fairy. Seriously who goes running to Fangtasia when you know that werewolves are after you and that the vampire you’re running to knows exactly what you are and wants to use you for his own nefarious ends? Yep, you guessed it. A blond clueless fairy named Sookie Stackhouse […]

True Blood: Everything is Broken

First thing is that I have to apologize for going a whole week without writing about last week’s True Blood episode. I only watched it off my DVR yesterday as I’ve been away fighting monsters of my own (3 foot long eels). Blech! You’d think I could handle the nasty little buggers being addicted to […]

Whoa True Blood! Night on the Sun Review

Super intense True Blood episode with some mad angst, mad fighting, and mad sex (all kinds, pick your poison – vamp/vamp, boy/boy, boy/girl, vamp/girl). Lots of boy-boy action again in this episode between Jesus and Lafayette, and also between Eric and Talbot. Booyah. Not to mention Eric’s man-tease after Talbot tells him imperiously “I’m bored. […]

True Blood: Hitting the Ground

Well, well, well. Lorena has finally bitten the big one (no pun intended) and is no more than a pile of vampire sludge. Yep that’s what’s left of her in the photo falling on top of Bill (Debbie’s…er…”vampire burrito”). As Sookie said, that is what happens when vampires die. Um, so then that of course […]

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