True Blood: Hitting the Ground

Well, well, well. Lorena has finally bitten the big one (no pun intended) and is no more than a pile of vampire sludge. Yep that’s what’s left of her in the photo falling on top of Bill (Debbie’s…er…”vampire burrito”).

As Sookie said, that is what happens when vampires die. Um, so then that of course just goes to say that Franklin is definitely not dead. He may wake up with a slight headache but he is alive which means that Miss Tara is in a whole heap of trouble. What’s that line again? Hell hath no fury like a vampire bludgeoned in the head while it’s sleeping? Bring on the freak!

But back to Bill and Sookie. So surprise, surprise, Bill doesn’t burn in the sun after drinking…um…stealing a whole heap of Sookie’s blood almost killing her in the process. That was  almost a given I think with all the light coming out of her before, so it was just short of an OMG moment for me. If you looked carefully, you’d have seen that there was still some mild evaporation, but he definitely wasn’t getting his crispy on. Does that mean it’s temporary? Or is it permanent? Is Bill something else now? Something in the Wesley Snipes Blade category perchance? And what about Sookie?

Speaking of, this brings me to the next scene when Sookie is in the hospital and has the dream with all the dancing, naked people drinking from the fountain of light. That felt a little Maryann-ish to me (crazy maenad from last season).  Claudine even looked like Maryann. And honestly, all that dancing was just weird. Still, obviously there’s a big revelation coming. Something to do with the light and the dark is my guess, and of course Sookie’s true nature. Fairy? Water nymph? Angel? Moonchild? Mermaid? I did like the twist that she had no blood type, that was cool.

So what does Claudine mean by “Do not fear the water. It wasn’t the water that killed them?” when Sookie hears her thoughts? Is she talking about Sookie’s parents? And when Bill shows up and they all run away from the “dark,” obviously from Bill, that was a little strange. Claudine: “He will steal your light…do not let him take it from you.” Thought it was a little too much when Sookie wakes up screaming when she sees Bill. I know he almost killed her but come on, she’s seen and been through a lot worse. Plus she supposedly loves him, and she knows what he is. Again, come on.

Moving on. I love me some Pam! She is so sassy! I was dying laughing when she was mouthing off to the Magister even though she was lying there wrapped in silver chains when he brings her the Tiffany’s earrings.

Pam: How’d you know I was a Tiffany’s girl?

Magister: Most women are, and those who aren’t just think they’re not […] They’re sterling silver.

Pam: Excellent, they’ll match my chains.

Russell actually got some major backbone in this episode, now that he has gone completely off the reservation.

“I no longer recognize The Authority. There’s a new [bleep] authority in town!”

Classic. Once more, the Magister’s severed exploding head was just tad too much but I guess it’s True Blood style. Can’t wait to see what Eric’s going to do to Russell later on vengeance-wise, and how he’s going to do it, especially since Russell is so old and powerful. Would be neat if there really was an “Authority” that will come into play later on. TBD.

Now for the other sub-plots. The Sam thing is still getting on my nerves – I mean his parent’s hold on Tommy just seems too ordinary within all the paranormal extravaganza that is True Blood. So they need him for dog-fighting. Big deal. I don’t get it, he’s still a human fighting as a dog for money. Boring. Jason and Crystal and the meth-head cousin? Boring. Summer wanting Hoyt to taste her biscuits? Ok, not so bad.

Overall, things are heading in the right direction but tonight’s episode left me with mixed feelings. I felt confused almost as if too much happened too fast and not enough happened at the same time. It wasn’t that it was lacking in any action, it just felt not as pulled together as it usually is. It was more like a giant avalanche of crazy plot-lines. As a side note, I did love the Post Mortem after the episode with the video montage of Lorena and Bill’s life. That was outstanding!

Only five episodes left! True Blood airs on HBO at 9pm on Sundays.

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  1. elle
    January 31, 2011 at 2:53 am (13 years ago)

    hi, just wondering if youve read the books? although the show has changed a few things, or the way it comes about, in general it the same story. for example, when u were wondering what sookie really is? sookie is half fairy. her parents were drowned by fairies. (though i will add that the whole sams family/ dog fighting wasnt in the books and sure am glad they werent as i really dont care for that side storey, i agree with you, very boring) so to everyone who hasnt read them, i definately reccomend it. i read them all first before watching the series. they are my fav books ever. ( ps, just warning you the dead body in andys car in season one is actually laffayette in the books, so glad the series changed that as i love his character!! xx)

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