True Blood: Fresh Blood

Not super fresh, I thought. Fresh Blood definitely had its moments, but overall it just didn’t get there for me. Maybe it was because I expected a TON more from the second to last episode of the season.

Firstly, it’s disappointing that they basically gave away how they were going to kill Russell in the previews for next week but I guess the snapshot of Godric is a little sweet spot for us to look forward to considering they gave pretty much everything else away (i.e., Russell is dead).

Secondly, how are they going to wrap up (if at all) all of the other miscellaneous subplots that have for the most part been somewhat lame this season? Let’s enumerate: 1) Crystal and Jason and her meth/were-panther family, 2) Tara’s rage at everybody (although was the cathartic sex scene between her and Sam in this episode supposed to be a loose end tied up?), 3) Lafayette and Jesus and their whole weird super-natural (and now diabolic???) relationship, 4) Arlene and her baby (although maybe that’s for next season now that her “evil” baby didn’t die), 5) Jessica and Hoyt (in hindsight though as I write this, maybe that one has been wrapped up because they’re back together, although Hoyt’s mother and Summer are devilishly plotting to break them up), 6) Claudine and her fairy bunch, and lastly but not least, 7) The Authority – at least give us something to chew on between seasons. Pretty pretty please!

The shining moments between Crystal’s were-panther appearance and the completely bizarre Wiccan scene between Holly and Arlene to get rid of Arlene’s baby, was of course the confrontation scene between Eric and Russell when he offers him the sun, as well as the last part of the episode where the whole trick with Russell, Eric, Sookie and Bill comes together.

Bill: One caveat gentlemen. If you drain her completely, that’s the last fairy blood you’ll ever drink.

Eric: Hm, good point.

Russell: We are schooled. Onward to adventure!

Sookie: If this is you trying to help me, thanks for nothing.

The scene in the bar when drunken Sam completely loses it was actually also pretty funny. In a messed up way, it was cool to see the normally pulled-together Sam falling apart and swearing at everyone, even poor gentle Terry who tries to tell him that it’s just the liquor talking.

Sam: Get back in the kitchen, you shell-shocked mother-[BLEEP]!

Even so, I laughed so hard because that is exactly how Terry looks to me…shell-shocked. I actually also liked wrap up of the story between Jason and Kitch, and the whole secret that he’s using V to be able to play football longer and stronger, and that all the coaches know about it. Probably something that will go into next season unless Jason goes ballistic on them in the last episode. The part where Tara tells Andy that she knew about Eggs was cool, and I liked how Andy comes back and just explains about Maryann.

Andy: Well I don’t feel like a hero. I never wanted nothing like this to happen. It was all Maryann. He [Eggs] was innocent. God help me. If I could do it again, if I could go back and just get a hold of Jason’s gun, if Eggs would just listen and put the knife down, but he…he was bound and determined to die. I couldn’t stop him. Jason didn’t know. I’m sorry. Tara, I’m so sorry.

Honestly I think that was all Tara needed to hear that somebody was sorry that Eggs had to die. That was a good resolution of that piece.

It was good to see poor little Tommy back-pedaling like crazy when Sam fires him and kicks him out, especially how quickly he usually is to fire off his mouth. Bet he didn’t see that one coming!

Tommy to Sam: Wait. I lost my temper. It’s…it’s nothing. I’m sorry. See, see, I ain’t mad anymore!

Absolutely loved the last few minutes of the eposide when Eric turns around to Russell when they’re outside in the sun with his face is competely blistered and burned, and he snaps the handcuffs on Russell’s hand before Russell can escape.

Russell: You traitor! [BLEEP] madman!

Eric growling: Be brave. We’ll die together.

Thought Eric was very much like a Viking prince in that moment, facing death so courageously.

The final episode, which looks super-exciting based on the previews (Godric!!!), will air in two weeks on September 12, at 9pm on HBO. As a final note, loved the In Memoriam of all the vampires/creatures who met the True Death, from Maudette to Godric. Classic gory True Blood moments!

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