True Blood: I Smell a Rat

So Sookie is a fairy. One dumb-ass fairy. Seriously who goes running to Fangtasia when you know that werewolves are after you and that the vampire you’re running to knows exactly what you are and wants to use you for his own nefarious ends? Yep, you guessed it. A blond clueless fairy named Sookie Stackhouse who gets kissed and dismissed in the dungeon of hell. Like I said, dumb as a bucket of rocks.

I thought this episode of True Blood was a little disappointing in parts and not so disappointing in others. The whole V roller-coaster trip with Lafayette and Jesus was almost too weird, and I’m not sure I’m liking the direction that’s going too much. Sorcerers, black magic, witch doctors? Not really feeling it. Next, between True Blood‘s cool-looking vampires and the awesome effects using real wolves for the were form of the werewolves, Crystal’s black panther form was some B-grade horror movie fakeness. Did not like that at all. I also think it would have been way cooler if they had revealed this earlier in the show before we got totally fed-up with her and her strange deer-chewing, meth-dealing kin. Too little, too late at this point.

On the flip side, I did like the explanation of Sam’s back-story, and it was good to understand why he didn’t give in to his anger before his brother came along. He used to be a bad boy himself. Love that Tommy’s rage sent Jessica right back into Hoyt’s arms (not to mention Hoyt getting a drink of Jess’ blood to heal him). She and Hoyt belong together. Speaking of Jessica, I was cheering inside when she gave Arlene a piece of her mind, and her fangs, when Arlene was mouthing off about vampires. Nothing like a firecracker red-headed vamp to shut someone up. Awesome!

Thought the scene with Russell and his street-boy-toy, and the whole reenactment of Talbot’s staking was more than a little creepy. I know Russell’s gone off the deep end, but seriously, the man has issues. By the way, anyone notice that the boy-toy faux-Talbot was Michael Steger (Navid) from 90210? Ok, now that’s just become even more creepy. Ewww, 90210 is now ruined forever.

Still, apart from all that, exciting times! Just two more episodes left! The main plot-line of course is going to come to a head with Eric (armed with Sookie’s blood I’m guessing) versus Russell. It would be neat if the Authority got involved at some point in the final episodes, at least to show that they have some say/response in matters of vampire security.  Not sure what the True Blood team is going to do to resolve the various weak sub-plots which I reiterated in my last post, but I’m in it for the bigger stuff anyway. And hopefully, Alcide will make a reappearance and make it all worth it.

True Blood airs on HBO at 9pm on Sundays.

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