Whoa True Blood! Night on the Sun Review

Super intense True Blood episode with some mad angst, mad fighting, and mad sex (all kinds, pick your poison – vamp/vamp, boy/boy, boy/girl, vamp/girl). Lots of boy-boy action again in this episode between Jesus and Lafayette, and also between Eric and Talbot. Booyah. Not to mention Eric’s man-tease after Talbot tells him imperiously “I’m bored. Take your clothes off.” Classic. I did think that their kiss was very awkward, not like Lafayette and Jesus, but then again they are two primal vampire males versus the two human nice boys, right?

Eric’s game to somehow exact vengeance on Russell is starting to get ramped up, especially when he pledges his allegiance that he has been searching for him for one thousand years, for “a true leader, one strong enough to unite us all.” He definitely knows how to play Russell, and seems to have him in the palm of his hand. Still, I don’t know if I like him in this submissive role (I want the Eric from last season), but I am sure it’s all a means to an end. “I will show you just how deep my loyalty runs…” To us, the viewers, his underlying threat to Russell is unmistakable. I cannot wait for when he takes Russell down.

No surprise that Tara is having crazy sex dreams about Franklin, after all she drank his blood. She is also definitely torn about Sookie’s feelings for Bill which she admits to still having, but I think a lot of that is a combination of how Bill treated her when she first arrived at Russell’s place and of course her terror of Franklin. She’s seen what a truly horrific vampire is capable of, no wonder she’s ticked off. Speaking of, I guess I was wrong that Franklin is dead since Talbot mentioned that he had to scrub his brains out of the linen. Unless…vampire brains can regenerate? Hmmm.

Glad that Jesus is back in the picture with Lafayette. Love how he gets Jean to hand over the knife…little bit of sweet mixed in with a whole lot of crazy in this episode, which was a nice change. The twist with Lafayette having a lot of power is also cool although I’m not sure how that will play out with all the other vamps, weres, shifters, light-bearers, and other paranorms in the True Blood world.

Crystal and Jason also have some sex of their own too, but we still have yet to see what she and her family are. I am guessing from the man eating the raw deer and the weird little hiss that maybe they’re some kind of were-coyotes or other wild-cat creatures. Love when Jason goes all Rambo and threatens Crystal’s father to stay away from her, “me and the whole sheriff’s department are going to come after you, and your hillbilly freak show! You feel me?” Go Jason! He always jumps then thinks, but it’s what makes him Jason. I really hope they make him a cop and validate him just a little bit.

Things are also heating up with Sookie – I really need to know what she is, and what her cousin Hadley revealed to Sophie-Anne and Eric. It has to be big otherwise why would Eric risk sending Hadley to warn Sookie? Speaking of Eric, anyone else notice that he always seems to be bleeding from the ears and/or nose? What is that about? Anyway, I knew that he was going to take Talbot out, and of course, sex is when they’re the most vulnerable considering that Talbot is older (and stronger) than Eric. Poor Talbot, he really does get the, um, short end of the stick. I mean stake.

“Oh poor Talbot, are your diamond slippers chafing.”

So Eric soothes the ruffled feathers of Talbot while Russell goes to track Sookie. When Talbot realizes that Eric is going to kill him, the look on his face was a classic B-movie horror still.  I think I actually felt sorry for Talbot, he had some good one-liners especially when he told Russell he was going to babysit his wife and then calls her a putana in the same breath. Oh Talbot, we shall miss you and your wifely antics!

The Sookie/Debbie showdown was cool, glad to see there was no cliched hair pulling, just some good old fashion punching, head-smashing, and face-slashing. Nice! I actually liked the fact that she didn’t turn into a wolf. Must have been a power thing to take Sookie down while in human form.

Love how Bill provokes Russell to save Jessica, “are you a coward, or are you just lazy?” It made him seem so badass even though he knows that he was going to get his butt kicked because Russell is 3000 years old. Of course, Bill ends up being saved inadvertently by Eric as Russell feels it acutely when Talbot is killed so he disappears.

I was also really hoping for some Hoyt heroics, like maybe he would save Jessica from the werewolf. It was almost too predictable to see her killing the werewolf – it’s not like she’s weak, she’s always been strong so I expected it. I just didn’t get what was the sense of having Hoyt drive by at that moment if he didn’t have anything to do with the moment.

And now for the grand finale of this episode (no pun intended). The sex scene at the end between Bill and Sookie might have just eclipsed the sex-scene between them after he climbed out of the dirt grave in a previous episode. That was some of the most angry, emotional, intense make-up sex ever seen on True Blood! But you know it was coming…those two can’t stay apart for long, even with Alcide getting his flirt on. Umm….Alcide…

Looking forward to what happens when Russell gets back to his dead love, and how Eric handles the situation! Only 3 more episodes left! True Blood airs on HBO on Sundays at 9pmEST.

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  1. Wellington
    August 16, 2010 at 5:35 am (14 years ago)

    i’ve never understood why non-vampires want so much to be vampires…. shrugs another one of life’s mysteries i suppose.


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